Feature-length documentaries


A driven but intimate work, this film recounts the history of Manicouagan (North Shore, Quebec) a legendary territory shaped by the impact of an asteroid 215 million years ago. In this non-linear narrative with many faces, the land speaks out and questions the traces we humans leave behind us.

Waiting for Casimir

In the great silence of life and set back from the community, Gilles lives in a residence for semi-autonomous people, a large ancestral home that will be sold shortly to allow the owner couple to retire.

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Daughter of the Crater

A woman with a deep love of the land, Yolande Simard Perrault sees her life as having been shaped by a planetary upheaval in Charlevoix, Quebec, millions of years ago. As enduring as the Canadian Shield, she’s a woman of strength and spirit, a child of the crater left by the meteor’s impact.

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A house for the Syrians

In the region of Portneuf, an encounter is slowly unveiled between the here and there, and comes to life through the long wait and small gestures of love of the Saint-Ubalde Sponsoring Committee, who works tirelessly towards the ultimate dream of welcoming a family of Syrian refugees.

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The Song of the Universe

À travers la rencontre inédite de l’astronomie et de la musique, ce film porte un regard universel sur nos rapports au temps et à la mémoire.

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Ruth Sangria is the last survivor of the village of Qarmaarjuit who, in 1943, saw 24 people, more than half of her community, die in strange circumstances. More than half a century later, Ruth, accompanied by Elisapie, a member of the family who collected her at the time, returns to the scene of the tragedy, in the heart of Baffin Island, in the Canadian Far North.

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The Cossack and the Gypsy

The Cossack and the Gypsy takes us to the heart of intimate worlds of Lev Chayka and Régine Gabrysz, illustrating their memories, interior views composed of the stories about their childhood and devotion to their country of origin (Ukraine and Soviet Union).

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L’ange des Grondines

This film presents with sensitivity the eternal childhood of Joseph Étienne, who at the age of 75 lives in the present moment. Like an angel, he watches over the young and old in the small community of Grondines.