Waiting for Casimir

Documentary - 69 min - 2022

In the great silence of life and set back from the community, Gilles lives in a residence for semi-autonomous people, a large ancestral home that will be sold shortly to allow the owner couple to retire.

To pass the time, Gilles listens to TV and does puzzles with Henriette, who has Alzheimer's disease, while Joncas, weakened by schizophrenia, looks out the window at their little corner of the world. In their house, lulled by the sound of the many clocks the owner collects, time seems to stand still. The three friends wait without expectation, without result, without anything happening.



Writer and Director : Christian Mathieu Fournier
Camera: Christian Mathieu Fournier
Editing: René Roberge
Sound Design: Benoît Dame and Catherine Van Der Donckt
Visual effects: Lucie Lambert
Music: Martin Lizotte
Producer: Nadine Beaudet