Waiting for Casimir

Documentary - 69 min - 2023

In the great silence of life and set back from the community, Gilles lives in a residence for semi-autonomous people, a large ancestral home that will be sold shortly to allow the owner couple to retire.

What landmarks are left for those whose lives are now mainly behind them?  A woman waits for the light to return, a man thinks of going back to his hometown…

Freely inspired by artist Edward Hopper’s realist approach, Waiting for Casimir is a film essay where the flow of time itself is called into question.

 A village called Saint-Casimir. Bucking societal expectations, a couple who owns a small house there invite in five people who are each dealing in their own way with the possible closure of their senior’s residence. 

 Behind these closed doors where time stands still, an alternative world has come into being. Hours of endless waiting are interrupted by local community programming beaming in through their televisions, and by the sighting, as day turns to dusk, of a creature that prowls the village streets. 

 Bitterly realistic, the scenes reveal themselves progressively in this chiaroscuro tale, giving off a strong feeling of suspense where long, fixed takes tell a story marked by solitude, but nonetheless filled with humanity. 



Writer and Director : Christian Mathieu Fournier
Camera: Christian Mathieu Fournier
Editing: René Roberge
Sound Design: Benoît Dame and Catherine Van Der Donckt
Visual effects: Lucie Lambert
Music: Martin Lizotte
Producer: Nadine Beaudet