L'ange des Grondines


“In this remarkable portrait, we see the locally-famous Joseph Étienne in his everyday life, in Grondines.”

Charles Laviolette, Infoportneuf


“The director delivers a very sensitive testimony of the pain of a man who does not possess enough words to express it.”

Denise Paquin, Courrier de Portneuf


Joseph Étienne has a great dream: go to the end of the world, where his heaven awaits him, where eternal childhood lives on, where everybody learns to be the angel of a village. Joseph really exists. He’s his village “idiot”. He cares for his friends who are alone and aging. He is 73 years old, but that does not count. He will forever be a child. Orphan, he was abandoned on the porch of a convent, not far from Québec City. He was raised in pain, but among all these harsh and stern nuns, one was kind to him. One day, she told him about a place that existed for a little boy like him.

Technical details

Documentary, 62 min, 2012


Director: Christian M. Fournier

Photography: Christian M. Fournier

Sound: Nadine Beaudet

Editing: René Roberge

Sound design and editing: Claude Beaugrand

Music: Martin Léon

Producers: Christian M. Fournier et Nadine Beaudet

Production: Mediactive