Daughter of the Crater


Let us discover Yolande Simard, land woman, solid like the Laurentian shield, sensitive and fresh like the rustling of spring leaves. This bold and determined woman offers us her “country” to love, and leaves behind indelible and founding traces for our collective memory.


This movie is a tender testimony to the quest for identity of this great lady and to the impact she had on the core of Pierre Perreault’s work, her partner and great love. 

Technical details

Documentaire, 75 minutes, 2019

Co-production Les vues du fleuve et ONF


Written ans Directed : Nadine Beaudet et Danic Champoux
Photography : Christian Mathieu Fournier

Editing : René Roberge

Sound Design : Olivier Calvert
Producers : Nadine Beaudet & Johanne Bergeron (ONF)

Distribution : ONF

Production: Mediactive