Léandre Bergeron , avec conviction, sans espoir


Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (RVCQ) 2008

26ième Festival international de films sur l’art de Montréal (FIFA) 2008

Télé-Québec 2009


Nonconformist of Franco-Manitoban origin, professor, rebellious writer to whom we owe the Petit manuel d’histoire du Québec and Le dictionnaire de la langue québécoise, Léandre Bergeron quits teaching, a “big salary” and the big city and moves to Abitibi to become a small farmer and artisan baker.


Léandre Bergeron, avec conviction, sans espoir, is the encounter with a man, unwavering in his desire for freedom, in his determination to fight for his vision of social, political and family justice. A man who sees old age arriving, with its limits, and takes a sensitive look on his past and present and the relevance and motivations behind his choice of lifestyle.


This film demonstrates a total adherence to another lifestyle and fosters a reflection on a number of important issues: the quality of the physical and human environment, education, industrialization of agriculture and globalization, in a context of performance and extreme competition. Léandre Bergeron is now at that age when one looks back and sees how far one has come, and realizes the relativity of time. The beginning and the end of life meet each other: “We are (all) fundamentally insignificant, called to disappear and… so should we disappear and leave as little a trace as possible! The important part is to break free from ones shackles, from everything that constrains us.”


Léandre Bergeron lives things differently and offers a striking reflection that results from experience and the fight of a lifetime for freedom.

Technical details

Documentary, 52 min, 2008


Director : Christian M. Fournier

Photography : Christian M. Fournier

Coproducer : Yves Lafontaine (Nova Media) et National film board of Canada (ONF)

Distribution : National film board of Canada (ONF)

Production: Mediactive